My QCIM 2011 Experience

QCIM 2011 had caught my eye early in the year. I originally planned on it being my second marathon, but things don’t always go as planned. So instead, I settled for running the 21Km category.

As a Quezon City resident I was already familiar with Commonwealth Avenue. But since it was already in my “backyard,” I decided I should know it better for QCIM. For months, I drove up and down Commonwealth Avenue to prepare for QCIM. Just kidding, just driving to and fro my GF’s house. hahaha. What I’m trying to say is,  compared to past runs, I was very familiar with the route. I knew where the hills were, how long they were, and how tough the incline would be – so I was able to pace myself better. At the first half of the run, I slingshotted with Team USB (nainggit ako sa shirt nila XD). But I started pulling away after passing Sandiganbayan. But at La Mesa Eco Park, I was met with a surprise. I didn’t expect to go all the way into the park and to actually run across the dam. Sadly, I left my camphone in my hydration belt at the entrance of the park, so no photos (if you’ve been to the park, you’d also know that for security purposes, we’re not allowed to photograph the dam itself). After the U-turn at the park, I thought I was making good time. But I realized I accidentally stopped my Garmin for at least 5 minutes. haha. On the way back, I started thinking I should try to go faster. With thoughts of improving my average for the last 6 months looming, I somehow forgot that I barely put any training into this. Eventually I had to slow down on the approach at the flyover at Tandang Sora. The last kilometers after that were a test of will. Thankfully, my will was strengthened with Omega painkiller. hahaha. The group I found myself pacing with at the park eventually passed me in the last kilometer though. Still, I think finished better than my 2:50-plus-ish finishes for my last 21Km runs.

sarap ng finishers' taho

After finishing, I got me some taho

In the end, I was tired, but was still pretty happy at how I finished. Heck, I got to retire my Mizuno Wave Inspire 6 on a decent run, so I’m happy about that too. I got rained on a bit as I waited for Carlito at the finish line, and we had a good long walk and talk to his house – walking home after a run? If only it were possible more often.

basang-basa sa ulan

cooling off in the rain after our runs

My Opinions on the Run:
To start things off, I was a bit disappointed after my registration –  didn’t like that they gave a shirt (I preferred singlets upon reg, and shirt + medal when I finish). It also didn’t help that I didn’t like the material either. But I really love the race route – Commonwealth Avenue is so wide! There’s more than enough space for all the runners!! Yes, even at the park. Although that may have been because by that point people weren’t clustered together so much. And considering the troubles of closing down part of Commonwealth Avenue, I found traffic management was pretty good (from a runner’s perspective). I didn’t really notice the smell of car exhaust – although there was one stinky truck hauling pigs. haha. The banana at the halfway mark was good, but another one towards the end (at about 15-16 Km) might have been better. That’s why I usually bring gels for these runs. Hydration was ample enough for me. Wait, no it wasn’t! I was wearing my own hydration belt and that’s why it felt like there was enough hydration. The medal was kind of blah for me. I wouldn’t say that RunRio spoiled me with their huge medals. Keep in mind, the reg fee for this was on par with the RunRio runs. For now, RunRio runs are my benchmark. Loot bag-wise… Well, I got a loot bag. It was empty. That was it. What’s up SMDC?? and other sponsors?? Well, I eventually found someone giving packaged bread slices, but that was it. In my opinion, we could have all gotten better loot bags if the cost of that condominium unit was split and used for freebies for all the runners. Although the winner will probably disagree with my suggestion. haha. So, Quezon City International Marathon? As a running event, it might be worthy of the International title, barely. Even more so, at the end of the day, a lot of people will look at that empty loot bag.

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**links will be updated as I find them. Last update Jan. 23, 2012.


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